Anne Lister Audio Visual

  1. 2019 July, Who was the real Anne Lister? Halifax Minster.
    Anne Lister Weekend - introduced by Laura Johansen, Jill Liddington talk, video (33 mins).
  2. 2019 July, Who was the real Anne Lister? Halifax Minster.
    Audio - Part One
    Audio - Part Two
    Audio - Part Three
    Recording of the event on 13 July 2019 at Halifax Minster about Anne Lister of Halifax or 'Gentleman Jack' organised by The Book Corner and chaired by Laura Johansen
  3. 2019 April, Unveiling Anne Lister blue plaque, Shibden Hall.
    Jill Liddington, video (26 mins).
    Jill Liddington, Helena Whitbread, Richard MacFarlane & the Mayor of Calderdale - Halifax Civic Trust & Calderdale Museums. Complete audio (76 mins).
  4. 2010 June, Revealing Anne Lister, BBC2.
    Jill Liddington interviewed by Sue Perkins on a wuthering hillside above Shibden by the Walker Pit. Video (4 mins)
  5. 2003 May, Queer as 18th Century Folk, Diverse Productions, C4.
    Jill Liddington, narrated by Anna Chancellor, on Anne Lister & Ann Walker living together at Shibden Hall. Video (3 mins 50 secs).
  6. 1993 Oct, Gentleman Jack from Halifax, BBC R4.
    Jill Liddington, audio (3 mins 40 secs). On the diaries.
  7. 1991 Sept, interview with Muriel Green, Highgate, London.
    Muriel recalls entering Shibden Hall on the death of John Lister in 1933, and about what she found there. Audio (3 mins 6 secs) was recorded on a cassette recorder, so poor sound quality).
    Complete interview. Audio (35 mins 42 secs).
    Note: Muriel Green provided the link back to John Lister (d. 1933). My oral history interview with Muriel reminds us how little was then known about the diaries’ melodramatic survival story. She talks about how John Lister cracked the code with an antiquarian (Arthur Burrell), but cannot recall any details; how the key to code was kept under lock & key, and then how Phyllis Ramsden worked on the coded passages. In 1992, Calderdale Archives re-classified the Burrell mss. So I was then able to write about John Lister & Burrell in History Workshop Journal (spring 1993), republished as Presenting the Past, Pennine Pens 1994.